Inductors and Transformers - Manufactured by PRAX

Input and Output Chokes

Mid-power range chokes, for various high frequency switching applications. Copper foil, flat and round wire, combined with several magnetic materials (soft ferrite, sendust, iron powder, amorphous) and multiple formats (E-cores, C-cores, toroidal) allow Prax to meet virtually any customer requirement.

Main applications:

  • Boost and Buck Chokes
  • PFC Chokes
  • Filtering differential chokes
  • Output Chokes

Common Mode Chokes

Common noise filtering chokes. For a discrete component EMC filtering approach, Prax offers a wide range of CMCs in any format and with world-class materials (soft ferrite, nanocrystaline)


Pulse Transformers

Design and manufacturing of Pulse and Gate Drive transformers for transmitting a control signal assuring isolations between low and high voltage circuits.


Current Transformers

AC current measuring magnetic component for low and high frequency applications. Different material grades allow either high accuracy for critical low frequency metering applications or consumption control in high frequency (SMPS).

Depending on the final applications, design with optimized materials will be provided

  • Ferrite
  • Standard FeSi lamination
  • Ni-based lamination
  • Co-based amorphous
  • Nanocrystaline

SMPS Transformers

Switched mode main transformers requirements depend on power range, topology, isolation and frequency. Therefore, a wide range of materials, formats and winding technologies are available. Our aim is to optimize size, efficiency and cost.

Designs available for topologies such as flyback, forward, push-pull, half-bridge, full-bridge and advanced resonant topologies.

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Planar Transformers

If low profile, high efficiency and mechanical reliability are a must for customer final application, planar transformers are the optimal solution for high frequency converters.

Combination of specially shaped soft ferrite cores with multilayer pcbs and copper tracks make a very compact component in a high power density solution.


Power Inductors

Standard power inductors have been proved to have limitations for new high current demanding applications. Prax advanced high current power inductors combine special materials and shapes with flat wire helical winding for a very compact and efficient design.

Power Inductors 1