New standard series for Inductive Components


In PRAX we continue to improve the design of our product portfolio. We have added a new set of standard families, covering Input and Output Chokes, Common-Mode Chokes, PFC Chokes, Pulse Transformers, Gate Drive Transformers and Current Transformers. 

Standarisation has some key benefits for the Power Electronics designer, such as simplication for the component definition and off-the-shelf component pick-up possibility. Also, from the sourcing point of view, standard components mean potential cost benefit and leadtime reduction.

Please visit our STANDARD PRODUCTS section. You can have full details and individual datasheet specifications available for direct download. 


Input and Output Chokes
Differential Mode Chokes - From 33uH to 560uH - From 1 to 10Amps - Toroid Format
Common-Mode Chokes
Single phase Common Mode Chokes - From 0.4mH to 82mH - From 0.3 to 10Amps - Encapsulated
Single phase Common Mode Chokes - From 1mH to 39mH - From 0.3 to 12Amps - Open Construction
PFC Chokes
PFC chokes - From 240uH to 870uH - From 2 to 5Amps - PQ ferrite format
PFC Chokes - Toroid Format - COMING SOON
Pulse Transformers
Pulse Transformers - Up to 2000V·us - High Isolation - Potted
Gate Drive Transformers
SMT Gate Drive Transformers - Up to 30V·us - One secondary
SMT Gate Drive Transformers - Up to 130V·us - One and Two secondary versions
Gate Drive Transformers - Up to 180V·us - Two secondaries - Reinforced insulation
Current Transformers
SMT Current Sense Transformers - Up to 15Amps
Current Sense Transformers - Up to 20 Amps - Horitzontal mounting
Current Sense Transformers - Up to 25 Amps - Vertical mounting



PRAX succesfully adopted UL class F and class B Electrical Insulation Systems


PRAX (Jiangyin) Co Ltd has successfully adopted two Electrical Insulation Systems for class B and class F components marking.

cuadro ul

Under file number E361428, PRAX is now allowed by UL for marking when components are manufactured according to such insulation systems (specific materials combination). This fact makes UL product compliancy management much easier for customers. Furthermore, for PRAX customers, UL marking is an extra warranty so that materials management and suppliers selection has been certified by UL auditors.

Join us in ELECTRONICA 2012


PRAX is glad to announce its first attendance as exhibitor in ELECTRONICA 2012. Electronica is the reference fair for Electronics business world-wide. 

Join us in this ineludible event; we'll be glad to meet you in our booth B6/267. The exhibition will be celebrated from 13-16 of November.

Complete official information about Electronica 2012 can be found in the following link:

Looking forward to meeting you there!